How to install/ integrate a Facebook Pixel on my Thrive site?

This can be done via the Business Dashboard using the Settings.
Follow the steps given below:

  1. Select Settings from the dashboard navigation.
  2. Select Online Ordering from the settings tab.
  3. Under Analytics Integration you can add your Facebook Pixel ID and Ad Account ID to integrate your pixel and track events on your order app.
  4. Click Save Changes once you've completed the edits.
  5. Once done, the pre-created events will automatically populate on your Facebook Events Manager.
  6. The pre-created events are as follows:
    1. Page Views
    2. Order Delivery
    3. Order Pickup
    4. View Visual Menu
    5. Find Location
    6. Continue to Menu
    7. Browse Menu
    8. Search Items
    9. Category Selected 
    10. Add to Cart
    11. View Cart
    12. Initiate Checkout
    13. Promo Code
    14. Instructions
    15. OTP
    16. Continue to Pay
    17. Purchase
    18. Go to Main Menu
  7. In case your domain is verified on your Business Manager, you can add any of these events to your Aggregated Event Measurement and use them for Conversion Campaigns.