How to setup Thrive on a custom domain for restaurants?

To setup Thrive on your custom domain follow the steps below:

  1. Go to your domain provider, for example Go Daddy.
  2. Go to the domain settings, and find your DNS record management.
  3. Now choose to Add a DNS record. 
    • For record Type, select A.
  4. Enter the details for your A record:
    • Host: Enter the host name the record should link with.
      For example if you want to redirect to a subdomain such as, then enter "order" in the host name.
      In case you want to redirect to your domain as it is then enter "@" in the host.
    • Points to: Enter our IP here,
    • TTL: Let the default value remain here. Usually 1 hour.
  5. Once you've completed the step above, please visit: and enter your domain and verify that only a single A record exists for your domain or subdomain pointing to In case multiple A records exist, please remove the extras.
  6. After adding the A record as required, write to us at informing us of the same. We will complete the setup then.