Important update regarding SMS campaigns

This is an important update regarding sending SMS Campaigns to your customers.
From 8 March 2021, if you’re sending out SMS Campaigns to your customers it is mandatory to have a template ID of each SMS Campaign you send approved on your DLT platform. Please plan your SMS campaigns in advance to avoid any inconvenience. For more information about the steps that need to be taken to send out a campaign, please refer to these guides:

How to get your SMS templates for campaigns approved on your DLT platform?

In case you’ve yet not registered your enterprise on the DLT platform mandated by TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India). Please get it done immediately to avoid disruption of services. For how to register your enterprise, refer to this guide: How to register my enterprise on DLT?

Please note without DLT registration or approved templates you will not be able to send any Campaign SMS to your customers.