What details can I update via the Settings page on the Business Dashboard?

Here are the General Settings you can update:

  • Add or edit your Business Basics, such as brand name, logo, industry, cuisines, average cost for two and your GST.
  • Add or edit your Location Details, provide your postal address and place your outlet on the map.
  • Add or edit your Contact Details, provide your email address and the outlet contact number for correspondence. 
  • Choose your Open Hours, specify the operational hours at your outlet for days of the week and times of the days. 
  • Add or edit your Social Media profiles and pages, mention URLs for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and your own website.

Let's look at the Online Ordering Settings you can update:

  • Find your Thrive URL, link for online ordering system.
  • Update Ordering Basics, like activating or deactivating your store for pickup, delivery or dine-in, enabling or disabling pre-ordering, and specifying the minimum prior time to place pre-orders and the maximum days for which to accept pre-orders.
  • Define Delivery specifics, mention the maximum delivery distance and choose type of delivery from self, 3rd party or hybrid. You can also add a preference for 3rd party delivery partners.
  • Update Dine-in settings, generate and download a QR code for your online ordering system, enable or disable dine-in on the ordering system home-page, and enable or disable a visual only menu.
  • Specify a Minimum Order Value for delivery and pickups.
  • Add or edit Communication details, update a contact number for logistical correspondence, order reminders and order cancellations, an email address for order summaries, reports and invoicing. 
  • Lastly, using the Analytics Integration link your Facebook Pixel & Ad Account ID with the ordering system to track events and conversions.

Check out how you can update settings from your business dashboard: