How to send a SMS or Email campaign?

This can be done via the Business Dashboard.
Follow the steps given below:

  1.  Select Campaigns under Marketing from the dashboard navigation.
  2.  Select Create Campaign on the top right.
  3. Select the Mode of Communication for your campaign. The options are SMS, Email and Email or SMS.image
  4.  For this example, we'll choose Email or SMS.
  5.  Now select the Type of Campaign you want to send. The options are Informational and Reward.
  6.  For this example, we'll choose Reward.
  7.  Now select the Target Customers you want to send the campaign to. The filter options are:
    - Customers that have either Transacted with you or you have Uploaded Contacts for.
    - Segments (New, Regular, VIP, At Risk, Lapsed, Lost) where customers are categorized by their purchase frequency and history. 
    - Feedback (CSAT, NPS) where customers are categorized based on their responses to your feedback questions.
    - Customer attributes such as Age, Gender and Points Balance.
    - Customer Tags

  8.  Now select the Reward Type. The options are Offers and Points.
    - Create a new Offer, choose from a list of types that include Free Item, Rupees Off & Percentage Off on the Bill or specific Items & Categories.
     - Give Points to customers that are available to be redeemed on their next purchase.
     Define a validity for the defined Reward.

  9. Name your Campaign & define the Content for your Campaign.
    - Add an image for your Email 
    - Add your Email content, use the text editor for the same. 
    - Add your SMS content
    - Add an image via a link in the same.

  10.  Proceed to Send or Schedule Campaign once done.
    - Preview your Campaign to see how it would look like.
    - Send a Test to see if it delivers as you desired.
    - Add Credits if required to send the campaign.
    - Send the Campaign immediately or Schedule it for a later time.image